Nowadays the Festival is attracting more and more attention of museum professionals and visitors

The ammount of countries which participate in the Festival is increasing from year to year


Brazil, Israel, Italy, PRC, Colombia, Korea, Slovakia, South Sudan, Armenia, Belorus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and other


Abkhazia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Hungary, Greece, Egypt, Qatar, PRC, Netherlands, Oman, Poland, Serbia, Slovenia, Uzbekistan, Finland, Croatia, Czech, Yugoslavia, South Sudan and other

Targets & Goals


  • Development of the professional museum competencies communities;
  • Popularization of the museums among the general public;
  • Popularization of the museum professions in the youth generation


  • Demonstration of the best museum practices of all forms of properties;
  • Demonstration of the best examples of digital integration of technology in the museums;
  • Attracting young people to education and work in museum sphere;
  • The development of museums as a multifunctional cultural centers.


Annual Festival «Intermuseum» held since 1999. The fist Festival had 178 organizations.
During this years «Intermuseum» was presented in the main exhibition halls of Moscow. In 2002 the festival was held in St. Petersburg.

Photos by Alexander Shklyaruk are presented from his personal archive.